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October 24

Linux user and group management commands

How to See Which Groups Your Linux User Account Belongs To? groups How to add a new group?  sudo groupadd How to add user to a group? usermod -a -G   Change a User’s Primary Group While a user account can be part of multiple groups, one of the groups is always the “primary group” and the others are “secondary groups”. The user’s login...

October 23

SCP command to transfer files/folders in Linux

Basic syntax of SCP scp source_file_name username@destination_host:destination_folder Example: user@localhost ~/Documents $ scp -v Copy a Directory Recursively using SCP I often need to quickly copy a directory from one Linux machine to another. An easy command to accomplish the task is the SCP (Secure Copy) command. Here's the general format of a recursive copy. scp -r [/local/path/] [user@host]:[/remote/path] The -r switch causes scp to copy recursively....

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