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April 2

Django setup

In your python virtual env, install django 2.2 (or later version) $ pip install django==2.2 Check virtual env using pip $ pip freeze Run django-admin to create your django project $ django-admin startproject myproject_name Run your first django project, and you should be able to view your django project on $ python runserver To migrate your database with django, run  $ python migrate Common commands for $ python

April 2

Python VirtualEnv HowTo

Create python virtualenv in a dir for python3 $ cd codefolder $ virtualenv -p python3 . Exit python virtualevn $ deactivate Shorthand to create virtualenv and folder $ virtualenv yourvenv -p python3 Install django $ pip install django==2.2 ...

June 23

Creating a Stand Alone Executable from a Python Script using PyInstaller

1. go to 2. install PyInstaller from PyPI pip install pyinstaller 3. run pyinstaller --onefile -w if you want only one output file and without opening console terminal pyinstaller --onefile -w 4. (for windows) if your program requires additional  packages, you can use NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) download and install it.  (watch video above to see how to do it properly). ...

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