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September 20

Font Awesome icon as background image

CSS:  #wrap {   background: #fff;   position: relative; } #wrap:after {   content: "\f087";    font-family: FontAwesome;   font-style: normal;   font-weight: normal;   text-decoration: inherit;   position:...

September 11

Linux Find the oldest file in the directory

find the oldest file in the directory find  .  -type f -printf '%T+ %pn' | sort | head -n 1 ...

September 11

Useful Linux commands for handling directory has large amount of files

Count folder with number of files: ls . | wc -l A typical way to handle the “argument list too long” error is via the find command. Delete all files with sess*  find .  -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type f -name "sess*" -delete tip: handle large sessions folder for php: rm -rf sessions; mkdir sessions;  chmod 1733 sessions; ...

September 9

How to do a case sensitive search in WHERE clause in MySQL?

Tip for search in MySQL with case sensitive:  SELECT *  FROM table_name WHERE BINARY field_name LIKE '%search_string%'; ...

September 2

React Navigation 5

run expo update / nmp update first, then, Install packages: npm install @react-navigation/native Installing dependencies into an Expo managed project:  expo install react-native-gesture-handler react-native-reanimated react-native-screens react-native-safe-area-context @react-native-community/masked-view if you are using 'stack' and 'drawer', import the packages as well: npm install @react-navigation/stack npm install @react-navigation/drawer for material bottom and top tabs navigator, import following: npm install @react-navigation/material-bottom-tabs react-native-paper npm install @react-navigation/material-top-tabs react-native-tab-view If you're on a Mac and developing for iOS, you...

September 2

React Navigation 4


August 26

How to recursively delete all files of a specific extension in the current directory

Run following command first to see exactly which files you will remove.  find . -name "*.bak" -type f Also, make sure that -delete is the last argument in your command. If you put it before the -name *.bak argument, it will delete everything.  But use it with precaution.  find . -name "*.bak" -type f -delete ...

August 20

Setup React Project

Make sure you have Node 12 LTS or greater installed, download from Use npm to install the Expo CLI command line utility sudo npm install -g expo-cli or sudo npm install expo-cli --global Then (use expo) run the following commands to create a new React Native project called "AwesomeProject": expo init AwesomeProject  cd AwesomeProject npm start # you can also use: expo start expo commands: ...

June 23

Creating a Stand Alone Executable from a Python Script using PyInstaller

1. go to 2. install PyInstaller from PyPI pip install pyinstaller 3. run pyinstaller --onefile -w if you want only one output file and without opening console terminal pyinstaller --onefile -w 4. (for windows) if your program requires additional  packages, you can use NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) download and install it.  (watch video above to see how to do it properly). ...

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