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April 20

Django: Form and ModelForm

django==3.1.5 Form and ModelForm ...

April 2

Django setup

In your python virtual env, install django 3.1.5 (or later version) $ pip install django==3.1.5 Check virtual env using pip $ pip freeze Run django-admin to create your django project $ django-admin startproject myproject_name Run your first django project, and you should be able to view your django project on $ python runserver To migrate your database with django, run  $ python migrate Common commands for $ python startapp ...

April 2

Python VirtualEnv HowTo

Create python virtualenv in a dir for python3 $ cd codefolder $ virtualenv -p python3 . Start your virtualenv again $ source yourvenv/bin/activate Exit python virtualevn $ deactivate Shorthand to create virtualenv and folder $ virtualenv yourvenv -p python3 Install django $ pip install django==3.1.5 ...

March 17

Uncommon Javascript Knowledge 1

#1, !! Converts Object to boolean. If it was falsey (e.g. 0, null, undefined, etc.), it will be false, otherwise, true. !oObject  // inverted boolean !!oObject // non inverted boolean so true boolean representation So !! is not an operator, it's just the ! operator twice. #2, ?? JavaScript nullish coalescing operator.   It returns the right operand (rightExpression) if the left operand (leftExpression) is null or undefined. let...

February 20

Renew IOS Distribution or Development Certificate

when you get the expire alert of your ios distribution. 1. on your mac, open keychain access app: 2. go to certificate assistant: 3. enter certificate user email info: 4. sve certificate signing request cert: 5. go to  6. go to account certificates, ids & profiles:  7. add certificates:  8. choose ios distribution app store ad hoc: 9. upload certificate signing request:  10. click download your ios distribution cert: 11. save your...

February 9

HTML5 Video Streaming from Google Drive

Using your current Google Drive as your video host. Using HTML5 video to play your videos from your Google Drive. First, get your google drive file ID for your video.  It’s important to share the video for public viewing. I created a public folder on my Google Drive, so I can easily track and manage my public files. To share the video: Select the...

December 7

Recover .jks file to update App on Google Play

For any reason that you might lose your .jks file to update your current app on google play, you can use following steps to recover or regenerate a new jks. View this link and follow the steps to recover the .jks: ...

November 27

Release expo app to iOS

1. config app.json example:  {   "expo": {     "name": "Tech Blog",     "slug": "tech_blog",     "privacy" : "public",     "sdkVersion" : "39.0.0",     "platforms" : [       "ios",       "android"     ],         "version": "4.0.9",     "orientation": "portrait",     "icon": "./assets/icon.png",     "splash": {       "image": "./assets/splash.png",       "resizeMode": "contain",       "backgroundColor": "#ffffff"     },    ...

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