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March 16

LAA Framework - add a form

Create form html, and give a form name (which will be handled by controller when form is submitted)         <form class="new-form" method="post" action="">           <input type="hidden" name="form_name" value="my_form_name">           <!-- form contents -->           <div class="form-group">             <label>Airway Bill Nubmer:</label>            ...

March 6

LAA Framework - add css file in controller

Attach a css file to a controller that applies to: 1. single url : add to target Action function in the selected Controoler.     $this->add_css_files[] = '/laa_mvc/modules/{ModuleName}/themes/{addedCssFileName}.css' or, 2. apply to entire controller: add your css file to__contruct() function in the controller class.    function __construct($params) {     parent::__construct($params);     $this->add_css_files[] = '/laa_mvc/modules/{ModuleName}/themes/{addedCssFileName}.css';     return $this;   } ...

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