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December 7

Recover .jks file to update App on Google Play

For any reason that you might lose your .jks file to update your current app on google play, you can use following steps to recover or regenerate a new jks. View this link and follow the steps to recover the .jks: ...

November 27

Release expo app to iOS

1. config app.json example:  {   "expo": {     "name": "Tech Blog",     "slug": "tech_blog",     "privacy" : "public",     "sdkVersion" : "39.0.0",     "platforms" : [       "ios",       "android"     ],         "version": "4.0.9",     "orientation": "portrait",     "icon": "./assets/icon.png",     "splash": {       "image": "./assets/splash.png",       "resizeMode": "contain",       "backgroundColor": "#ffffff"     },    ...

November 23

Setup AWS Cli


November 11

setup MySQL on ubuntu 18.04 server

Install mysql sudo apt update sudo apt install mysql-server sudo mysql_secure_installation ...

September 20

Font Awesome icon as background image

CSS:  #wrap {   background: #fff;   position: relative; } #wrap:after {   content: "\f087";    font-family: FontAwesome;   font-style: normal;   font-weight: normal;   text-decoration: inherit;   position:...

September 11

Linux Find the oldest file in the directory

find the oldest file in the directory find  .  -type f -printf '%T+ %pn' | sort | head -n 1 ...

September 11

Useful Linux commands for handling directory has large amount of files

Count folder with number of files: ls . | wc -l A typical way to handle the “argument list too long” error is via the find command. Delete all files with sess*  find .  -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type f -name "sess*" -delete tip: handle large sessions folder for php: rm -rf sessions; mkdir sessions;  chmod 1733 sessions; ...

September 9

How to do a case sensitive search in WHERE clause in MySQL?

Tip for search in MySQL with case sensitive:  SELECT *  FROM table_name WHERE BINARY field_name LIKE '%search_string%'; ...

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